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Strange Christmas Gifts
Strange Christmas gifts are fun to give. They are so unpredictable. Just when you think you've seen everything someone hands you a strange Christmas gift that you've never seen before. Giving strange Christmas gift is a hoot. The look on someone's face when they first open and look at your strange Christmas gift with a "what the heck is that" look on their face is priceless.


We've put together some rather strange Christmas gifts that are sure to elicit these same facial expressions. Enjoy.

Hairy Butt Wax

Got a hairy butt? Then wax it, with the world's first home waxing kit made specifically for one's buttocks area. Don't use this Hairy Butt Wax for the legs or facial regions as it is simply too powerful. Call now for a gallon of our supreme Hairy Butt Wax and then rip away!

Fart in a Jar

Want someone to remember you? This is a cheap but memorable, strange Christmas gift that will make the most diehard conservative giggle a bit. Capture your own essence after eating Mexican food in a jar or other container that can be made to be airtight and then give the gift of odor this holiday season.


So, you've decided to shave your eyebrows. What do you do with the clippings? You save them and reassemble them, that's what. Assemble your eyebrow hairs on a small piece of whiteboard gluing each one into place. Your recipient is sure to look twice at this strange Christmas gift.

Toilet Paper Cylinder

Once you used up a roll of toilet paper, there is a cardboard cylinder left. Do you simply throw this away? Yes, you probably do. But not this Christmas. You give that gift to someone who will appreciate getting a strange Christmas gift such as this. - if you can find one.

Bag of Toe Nails

For this you will need to have started early. Save your toenail clippings and give them to a loved one. Explain that you wanted them to have some of your DNA this Christmas to remember you buy. You may even wish to present the clippings in a ring box to give it a more elegant touch.

All of Your Shoestrings

Take all the shoestrings off all of your shoes and give them as a gift this Christmas. Before letting your recipient open the box, tell them you are giving them something very special with no strings attached. Watch the expression on their face as they take out your present.

No matter what strange Christmas gifts you decide to give this holiday season it is important that your recipient have the same demented sense of humor that you do. Pick your recipient before you pick your present. Then give them something truly wild, weird and wacky this holiday season.











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